White Goods Extended Warranty

Cover Includes

  • Extended Warranty for up to 7 years
  • Multi-appliance Insurance Cover
  • Labour, Repair & Replacement
  • 3 Cover Levels Tailored to Your Needs

From just £6.58 per month

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Cover for kitchen appliances on one easy policy.

White Goods are common place in present-day homes as they are essential to the smooth running of our domestic lives. It can be a bit of a crisis when one stops working, especially if it happens after the manufacturer’s appliance warranty expires, potentially leaving you with large fees to pay in order to replace it.

Our White Goods Insurance Policy, provides comprehensive extended warranty insurance for white goods and covers household appliances for up to 7 years.

With 3 cover options to choose from, your white goods insurance policy can be tailored to the needs of your household, covering costs for repair, parts, labour & more.

Protecting your day to day routine from interruption and allowing you to Live Life Confidently.

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Cover options

We offer both single appliance warranty and multiple white goods insurance for your appliances:

Bronze cover: Cover for multiple kitchen appliances up to a total combined value of £1000 (kitchen appliances only)

Silver cover: Cover for multiple home appliances up to a total combined value of £3000 (kitchen, visual & audio appliances)

Gold cover: Cover for multiple household appliances up to a total combined value of £5000 (kitchen, visual & audio appliances)

What’s covered?

Please have a look at the main coverage :

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What are White Goods?

White goods are the major appliances in your household, typically your kitchen appliances, and include fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washers and dryers and ovens/cookers.

What is White Goods extended warranty?

Extended Warranty for White Goods covers your major household appliances in the event of breakdown after your manufacturers warranty has ran out.

What does White Goods insurance cover?

Our White Goods Extended Warranty Policy covers your primary kitchen appliances, protecting you from unexpected costs when things go wrong.

Yours costs are covered for call-outs for mechanical or electrical breakdown, labour, parts and replacement if the appliance cannot be repaired.

Is White Goods extended warranty worth it?

With the advancement of technology, new household are becoming increasingly more expensive. You can expect to pay several hundreds of pounds to replace your must-have appliances like your fridge, washing machine or tumble dryer.

You can insure your single most important appliance or multiple appliances, starting from as a little as £6.58 and £10.99 per month respectively.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cooling off period with this policy, in case I change my mind?

Yes, we offer a 14-day cooling off period with this policy.

Are my appliances covered for accidental damage?

Your appliances will not be covered for accidental damage, under this policy.

If you are looking to cover your appliances for accidental damage, take a look at our Home Buildings & Contents Insurance Policies.

Is there a guarantee for any repairs you may have to make to my appliances?

Yes all repairs we may have to make in the event of a claim will be covered for 3 months.

To summarise, what type of appliances are covered under this policy?

Notably, we cover an extensive range of both audio/visual and kitchen appliances including:

Do you cover appliances for business purposes?

No we do not cover appliances used for business or commercial purposes.