Appliance Insurance

Cover Includes

  • White & Brown Goods
  • Costs for Labour, Repair, Parts & Replacement
  • Items Protected up to Value of £5000
  • No Hidden Fees or Price/Excess Hikes

Cover from just £6.58 per month

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Appliance Insurance

Insure your home appliances with our single and multi-appliance insurance cover from just £6.58 a month

The ability to predict when things might go wrong is something everyone would love, especially when it comes to your household appliances giving up on you.

Our Home Appliance Insurance protects you against the unexpected costs of repair or replacement of your common household appliances.

Combining technology, outstanding customer service and flexibility, our single and multiple appliance insurance is designed with your happiness in mind.

So whether its your HD TV, two-door fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer or even all of the above. Our comprehensive home appliance insurance and extended appliance warranty options allow you to live life confidently knowing that the most important domestic appliances in your home are completely covered!

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Why choose us?

There are many reasons to choose our policies, here are just a few of them

Ultimately we want to help you be protected from the unexpected and provide you with:

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Cover options

Our appliance insurance cover includes policies ranging from singular appliance cover through to our bronze, silver and gold tiers for multi-appliance protection for kitchen, laundry and entertainment appliances up to a total of £5000.

What is covered?

Please have a look at the main coverage :

What is not covered?

We aim to be as clear and transparent as possible:

Please have a look at some aspects that we do not cover, because sadly we cannot cover everything.

Important bits to know

Please note there is a 14-day Moratorium with this policy before you are able to make a claim.

In the event of a claim, please be aware you will need a proof of purchase of the appliance to confirm you are the first owner.

In the event that an incident will likely result in a claim, please call the claims team, (the number can be found in our help centre). Our appliance insurance policies are underwritten by Acasta European Insurance Company and all claims will be handled by the Business and Domestic Administration Services (CPP Group UK).

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What Domestic Appliances are covered?

Get Domestic Appliance Insurance for a range of kitchen (white goods) and audio/visual appliances (brown goods) including;

Do I need Appliance Insurance?

It is always recommended to insure appliances as it is impossible to predict when they might go wrong.

Whilst you may not use every appliance every day, major appliances like your fridge, washing machine and cooker are typically the most important appliances that require cover.

Our adaptable home appliance insurance cover allows you to choose the appliances that are most important for you to protect. If you need entertainment appliance or kitchen appliance insurance or even both, our policy is the best appliance insurance for you.

Is Appliance Insurance Cover worth it?

Arranging the repair of your household appliances can be time-consuming and costly.

From finding a trustworthy professional to repair the appliance, arranging a suitable time, the replacement of parts and paying labour costs, our policies eliminate the hassle and unexpected cost, safeguarding your time and money.

Can I Insurance multiple appliances on the same policy?

Yes, with our flexible appliance insurance policy you can choose to insure one appliance or take out multi appliance insurance.

Our household appliance insurance and extended warranties start from £6.58 per month for a singular appliance and £10.99 per month for multiple appliances with only a 14 day waiting period (moratorium) before you can claim.

Some frequently asked questions

To view all of our FAQ’s please visit our help centre.

Is there a cooling off period with this policy, in case I change my mind?

Yes, we offer a 14-day cooling off period with this policy.

Are my appliances covered for accidental damage?

Your appliances will not be covered for accidental damage, under this policy.

Is there a guarantee for any repairs you may have to make to my appliances?

Yes all repairs we may have to make in the event of a claim will be covered for 3 months.

To summarise, what type of appliances are covered under this policy?

Notably, we cover an extensive range of both audio/visual and kitchen appliances including:

Do you cover appliances used for business purposes?

No we do not cover appliances used for business or commercial purposes.